Hi, I'm Chris.

I have been following a Paleo/Primal/Ancestral diet in one form or another since June of 2011.  Back then I started blogging about great recipes that I was finding on the internet and trying out for myself.

Eventually, I decided that I would start blogging about the recipes that I thought were really good (or at least what I thought was really good!).

My first blog, www.PaleoCookies.net, became really popular among people looking for Paleo/Primal/Ancestral cookie recipes.  From there I went on to create other Paleo recipe blogs with various levels of success.

This blog is a very informal one on Paleo Soda which is why it is on Google's fantastic Blogger platform instead of a dedicated website.

In the past year I have become the managing editor of EasyPaleoMeals.org.  This is where I have been focusing most of my efforts in order to create a community for other Paleo bloggers and businesses.  So, I hope you enjoy the recipes that I post on this blog and I hope that you check out EasyPaleoMeals.org and join my circle on Google+ as well!

Paleo to the People!